Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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**Thanks to FANCY MELISSA for posting the document with the Sale items pictured!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have a WEBSITE!!!!

I finally have a website! I have been really bad at posting lately and as soon as I get home I will have LOTS to post about (on Vacation in AZ!) So for right now CHECK out my website here...  Also this month is June Jackpot, 50% off Products and FREE Goodies! Hit the jackpot and win FREE products with Jackpot June.

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*Jackpot June purchases must include ONLY Jackpot June items (the Goodie Box or the discounted items) and nothing else. This will streamline orders and allow CTMH to offer discounted shipping for this exciting promotion.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses...or make them....

I was blog lurking awhile back...and there was a post done promoting Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine. Anyway...the front cover if you notice it is a CTMH stamp set called "Springtime" and there is also another layout in the book made with the "Twitterpated" paper....ANYWAY in this magazine there was a tutorial on these awesome looking paper roses! SO of course I had to
THEY are SO FUN to make!!!
and instead of finishing up stuff for my play group tomorrow night I am blogging about these ROSES!!! 
are they not awesome!!!! I made my kids journals for Easter and these belong to my oldest has been practicing making these with regular 'ole type paper, she is 8!!!. SEEE easy peasy! Here are the rest of the Journals I made...LOVE to make these things. 
Dallin's made with "Good times" paper (retired-I think)
Jentries, made with Key To my Heart paper (special no longer available)...sorry...but you can use anything you already have on hand! :)
Valerie's book...made with the "Bella" paper packet (LOVE IT and it is AVAILABLE!!!)
Peyton's Book, made with the "Rough 'N Tumble" paper (also retired...hey I bought this clear before I started play group ;) But SOOO wish it was still available! LOVE IT!

SO if ya wanna learn how to make these fabulous Roses...come to Play Group :) Gonna make them in May if I can wait that long! Hee Hee!

Happy Scrappin' and Stampin'!  (now back to work!)

**All products used are CTMH except the following:
  The alphabet on Dallin's name...some random bright red stickers that were fuzzy.  I inked with Cocoa re-inker and heat set to dry....
  "J" & "V" I printed on my computer and cut out on cardstock/B&T duo's...I didn't have what I wanted so I went to the Computer :) OH so fun!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

OH!!!! How I want this Scraproom!!!!!

(Click on the picture to see the whole set up!)

Some folks covet their neighbors boats or 4-wheelers
(even though we shouldn't...because coveting things is BAD!!) 

however....I am OPENLY 
coveting this 
I would be very happy just to have that CORNER :) 

Hee Hee..
I would show my scrap area...but I am sooo ashamed! :P.
But seeing this has me
to come up with 
HUM...what space can I put this in...what should I move??

Not only do I want this set up....
but I NEED this set up! 

Check out all the pictures here. This blog also has super awesome free scrappin' fonts and LOTS MORE stuff! Pretty MOM if you lurk here...think we could put a bug in dad's ear about this set up :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Updated....Caboodle WSOTG for April....

 WSOTG: Caboodle...I love the fun SPRING colors (because I am soo ready for spring! :) worked super great for my Fathers day pictures that I FINALLY scrapped from 4 years ago!!!

 Layout Option 3....LOVE IT!!!

April Play Group WSOTG: Caboodle
Basic Kit:# G1004 - $29.95

 Includes: Caboodle Level II paper packet (pg 18)
                (Level II paper packets have 10 sheets
                coordinating CTMH Cardstock and 12
                sheets of Back Ground and Texture paper,
               other wise known as B&T duo's)
               Dimensional Elements Booksmart (pg 94)
               *This Way Stamp Set (B-Size, not in the Idea book)
               Workshop guide

(*Stamp set "This Way")             

Best kit: Basic Kit (G1004)...$
     Z1271 Tiny Tabs (pg 92).......................$3.95
     Z1125 Sweet Leaf Ribbon Rounds (pg 90)....$7.95
Subtotal: $41.85
S/H:        $ 3.33
Tax:        $ 2.50
Total:     $47.68  (best kit)

Let me know if you are interested...leave a comment :)

Page 1 of Layout 1 ( I couldn't get it to load like to other I had to do it separate...bummer)

Page 2 Layout 1

Layout Option 2

(Recommended in the Worshop Guide)
Other CTMH Products Used:
* C1386 Boys At Play ...........$18.95
* Friendship Alphabet lg.......$34.95
*Hodgepodge Alphabet sm....$22.95
*Winter Cozy Mini Medley....$7.95
  (all found in the Spring Idea Book)

Misc Product:

All layouts are out of the Reflections Idea Book....LOVE IT!!!!  I love these books and if you are trying to figure out which book to suggestion would be...put the name of each book on different slips of paper and put them in a hat....the one you draw is the one you buy!! LOL...I love them all and use them all TONS...I mix and match....for different looks and layouts...JUST love them ...the one book missing from these 4 is the New Wishes Card Book...AWESOME!!!!!!

This the Poem that I put on the Father's Day of my FAV'S!!!  The author is unknown.

Happy Scrappin' and Stampin' :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Covered Journal....

 More covered Journals.....My oldest daughter turned 8 this last year and ALL of her friends are turning 8 as is very possible that by the time this school year ends many little 2nd grade girls in our area will have a home made Journal! lol...I went to a retreat about 5ish years ago in Salina and learned about these fun, fast gifts and I make them A TON!!! they are super in-expensive, but by the time you are finished they look like a million bucks...okay...maybe not that much...but better than a black memo book...right! I have personalized each book with a first initial...which is fun!  The paper used for these 2 books happens to be one of my fav's for the girlies BUT it is retired :(so sad!!  I would LOVE a few more packets of it!!! It is called Life Delights (and if you are a CTMH junkie like me and happen to have a level II packet you would like to have taken off your hands, please let me know!!! I just love it!) Moving on....

Now, about this retreat (Salina, My good friend and fellow scrap-junky Tammy has had the ONLY cool scrap store in our area since I have lived here and she sold it!!! :( ...  I went into her store before I had my oldest child who is  now 10 and have followed her thru a few other locations and have purchased a ticket to each one of her CK retreats...this coming Saturday will be her 9th (I think..8th or 9th, they tend to blend together! :) and her LAST retreat :( oh, what will we do come March 2011!!!)  I didn't have a ticket for this years retreat because I thought I would just wait and go next year instead...but upon finding out that she was closing the doors to Country Keepsakes, I had to get my hand on a ticket or crash the party!!! I found a ticket...whew! thanks Kolleen!!! 

I remember the very first retreat was hosted at the High School in Salina, I went by myself with NOTHING in hand but my purse. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed by these ladies and their rolling suitcases of scrap stuff!!! I was way out of the loop! lol...I am now one of those suitcase toting  scrap crazy women and LOVE IT!!! I went all by my lonesome too...since then, my SIL has been on her staff, I have met and kept COUNTLESS friends!!! And learned the sky is the limit when it comes to playing with paper! I have enjoyed each and every moment!!! Each year just got better and better! Tam has come full circle...ending this awesome run back at the High School. The last few years I have attended the retreat with a group of super awesome friends (pretty much the 3rd wheel with my sil family! haha...) I go with her (sil Kayla) and her cousins, aunt, mom...ect....  and I love it (and them!) and am so glad they let me tag along with them...PLUS they are in my play group!!!(most of them anyway)

I am soo excited to go Saturday but sad this is it. Tam is however, super excited to be moving on to new adventures, finish raising the 2 kids she still has at home while enjoying being a grandma and being with her family. So I wish her much luck in her future and hope she comes and plays with us often so we can get our fill of her awesome smile and amazing creativity!!! Love Ya Tam!!! (SO cannot wait until Saturday!!!!) Whoot Whoot! (i know weird...but I really am whooting!)

Another Card...

A few weeks ago Jeanette Lynton posted this card on her blog with her Color Me Monday Post... (check out her blog!!!) Well, anyway I LOVED this card...So I wanted to re-create it at home and I just SO happened to have the SUPER cute stamp set she used.... "A Love" found on page 81 in the NEW Spring Catalog (leave me a comment if you would like YOUR own CTMH Idea Catalog). Anyway...the SUPER fun butterfly is made out of 2 stamped hearts and put together with the super fun Heartfelt Die Cuts (Wonder, pg 94). The other cool thing is this DARLING stamp set is one of the new "A" sized sets that are only $7.95!!! TOTALLY COOL! This is what I came up with using the  the Veranda Level II paper packet (pg 10).

Other CTMH products used are:
  Creme Brulee' Ribbon Rounds
  Chocolate waxy flax
  Cocoa Cardstock
  Tulip Ink (butterfly)
  Bitty Sparkles
Non CTMH product:
  Craft wire (home depot! LOL!)

(BTW..this is a 4x4 card)

I loved how it turned out! I made this card for one of my play group ladies who helped me out of a major BIND and let me use some of her CTMH stuff (I needed DOUBLES!) This will also be one of the cards we will make in April's Card Play Group...if you wanna play...leave a comment! Love to have you!

Happy Scrappin and Stampin! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Play Group Page and U ROCK WSOTG....

This is the fun layout we did for play group last night...the super fun thing about this page (other than using the Jingle Kit..which I LOVE) were those special Blush B&T duos :) Using the technique featured on this months CTMH TV episode called "Embossed Resist". I used the My Acrilyx Stamp Set "Spot On", CTMH Clear Embossing Powder, and Blush Ink (some used the Juniper/Creme Brulee depending on the paper they received in their kit). Inking the area with the Rubber Brayer (pg 97). It took some time to emboss that much space...BUT  LOVE the results! Other CTMH Stamp Sets used are "Chocolate Alphabet Large, Friendship Alphabet small, Hodge Podge Alphabet, and this Months Stamp of the Month "Piece of Cake" (so cute) Which we also embossed using the CTMH Black Embossing Powder, Cranberry Ribbon, White daisy Ribbon, and those cute little Tulip Brads you see in the corners...well they are my 'fake' but look real brads...I knew I wouldn't have enough brads for 14 they are hole punches (yup!) then coated in a nice round dollop of liquid glass for the bump and the shine....SOOO cool! :) I found that little trick in an old Creating Keepsakes Magazine from a few years ago! lol! The layout was inspired by Helen Onulak's darling layout using the Jingle Creative Basic's paper...oh and if you do check out her link also check out her YouTube Video on why CTMH Clear Acrylix Stamps are "Clearly The BEST!" ..cute! cute! 

Anyway...after checking out Helen's layout...I went immediately to my  Imagines Book page 96 and WALA!!! There is the cutting guide :) I love these Idea Books...(Imagine, Cherish and Reflections...LOVE them ALL! and use them TONS!!) Had so much fun making this layout..I can't wait to make the 2nd page and put "the SWEETEST" pictures on them...If you wanna come play..or just make a layout...leave me a comment!

U ROCK Work Shop On The Go

Now on to the U Rock WSOTG Layout...I love this paper (I know know...I ALWAYS love the paper!)  but I really loved the bright busy-ness of was a challenge for me to put it together :p This is what I came up with. I wasn't a total fan of the layout provided in the Work Shop Guide and I am HORRIBLE at following exact instructions...I always change I love it when the ladies at play group do too...;) So I came up with is part of the Pattern provided in the guide and flipped...then I added the 'Rockin' New Year (because I have fun rockin' new year pic's of my kiddos). I love the music notes :)

(<< I love it!!!)
Using the Stamp set in the kit..."Just Be You". I once again used the Embossed Resist technique...which I will probably do A LOT from now on!!! Better stock up on clear embossing powder! I stamped the "Rockin' New Year" with the Poster Board Alphabet in Outdoor Denim Ink, then using the Just Be You Stamp set in a random order stamped the images to be Embossed with clear embossing powder...then after the whole EMBOSSING thing...inked the whole title with Goldrush Ink using my beloved sponge. LOVED how it turned out...can't wait to add my photos :)

Happy Scrappin' and Stampin'!

Sneak Peak for Next Month...Topstitch

I love the new TOPSTITCH paper! I love the colors...I love the stamp set...LOVE IT!!!

The 1st was TOTALLY inspired by Tresa Black (LOVE her stuff!!!)  This month CTMH ran a contest on YouTube about why My Acrylix Stamps are the BEST :) this is Tresa's Video (she cracks ME up!!) AND here is also a more in-depth tutorial on how to make HER card. I also used part of the instructions from the Topstitch WSOTG Card making project and the "Love is in the Air"stamp set.
The 2nd  card was inspired by one that is in the New Spring Idea book on page 15...I wanted to MAKE that flower!!! LOVE IT!!

The 3rdone was inspired by the 2007 Winter Idea Book (if you have it the page is 54) It was part of the My Originals Holiday Wishes Card kit...I couldn't find this pattern anywhere (I know it has to be in the Originals Card Card Confidence Program...but I couldn't find it...) any 'inspired' me and when it comes to cards I need LOTS of inspiration :) Love how it turned out! The stamp set I used for this stamp is the "Love is in the Air" featured in the Topstitch WSOTG ...SO stinkin' CUTE!!! I also used the March Stamp of the Month "A Little Everything" (FREE when you spend $100.00) and the "Dainty Thoughts" (pg 73).
I LOVED creating these cards and using this stamp set!!! So much fun...I will have one more card ready for you to make if you are wanting to participate....We will be playing on March 3rd (leave me a comment if you want to play and I will give you more details then)  And on March 10th we will be doing a Layout with the same paper. (I will post those as soon as they are done! hope fully SOON!)

Happy  Scrappin' and Stampin'!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1st Sealing Announcement....

This is MY very first attempt at digital stuff! I am SOOO not Digital...I love 3D paper work! But a good friend and former student of my husband is getting sealed to her honey next month and asked if I would design her announcement...Yes at first I felt GREAT stress, but as I played and figured out a few things I LOVED IT!!! lol...I will always be a 3D scrapper! I just love to stamp and cut :) But I love being able to play like I did tonight..I have had this program for YEARS called Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, I use it for lots of different things but haven't ever used it as a digital program to actually scrapbook..just to play and mess around.  This was pretty fun! Looking forward to playing with Studio J!!! Soon to be released by CTMH!!! :) Congrats to Shali and Jeff!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hearts for Haiti - February's Constant Campaign

Image courtesy of Operation Smile. CTMH Websight

Give & Get Back

Our hearts go out to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti, and like so many of you, we’re eager to help. And helping has never been easier! Throughout February, purchase a 12" × 12" textured cardstock combo pack and you’ll get one free—and with every offer purchased, Close To My Heart will donate $2 US to Operation Smile’s Haiti relief efforts. That means for only $14.95 US/$17.50 CAN, you get two packs of our high-quality textured cardstock and you help this urgent, important cause.   Your Textured Cardstock Options are:
    X5747 Basic *sold out
    X5681 Spring
    X5745 Summer
    X5669 Autumn
    X5690 Winter * sold out
If you would like to stock up on your Cardstock...and you would like to know the colors that come in these kits...Leave me a message and you can pickup an Idea Book ($4.00 or free with $25.00 order).  Support CTMH's Hearts for Haiti and stock up your Cardstock supply!  GET IT QUICK ... GOING FAST!!!

Happy Scrappin'  and Stampin'

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


These are the birthday cards kits we will be making for  Enrichment Night in one of our local Wards. I LOVE the New Candlelight stamp set (page 52 of the NEW Spring Idea Book) and the March STAMP of the MONTH A Little Everything. I will be posting more birthday cards featuring the February STAMP of the Month A Piece of Cake soon.   The guides/stamps for most of these cards came from the Everyday Celebrations Special that was last September ( longer available...but I cannot help myself from continually using this stamp set and the ideas!!! I just LOVE it!)

Valentine Cards

These are the Valentine cards we made this month at Play Group (the last 3 of them are) and will also be making the same cards at the same Enrichment Night. I LOVE the WISHES Card Confidence Book!!! Which is where I found the guides for all of the Valentine Cards. The first card however is kind of a remake of Jeanette Lynton's Valentine Card from last year.  Her's is way better :)  All the paper used on these cards came from the "Key To My Heart" special (I stocked up on the clearance sale!) Sorry this paper is also no longer available... :( But once again...TOTALLY love it.! I will be posting some more projects made out of  NEW paper as soon as I get my ORDER :)

All CTMH Stamp Sets Used:
C1394 Candlelight (page 52)... $18.95

D1408 A Little Everything (sorry not available until March)
Celebrate (not available)
February WP (retired ):
*(but the NEW In the Month Of February is FAB (waiting for it to come too!) and it is only $18.95)
D 1254 Soul Mates (page 37)....$22.95
D1348 Priceless Love Word Puzzle  (page 75)....$22.95

CTMH Paper Packets used:
X7108B Day Dream...$12.95
X7109B Stardust......$12.95
Key To My Heart...not available

Other CTMH products:
All ribbon :) in bulk order
Z1263 Bitty Sparkles

If you are interested in a NEW Spring Idea Book or want to want  join a play group leave a message... 

Happy Scrappin' and Stampin'

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Work Shops On The Go for SPRING!!!

Feb WSOTG...will have available for preview at Play Group this THURSDAY (the 7th) and NEXT THURSDAY (the 14th)
Basic Kit: $29.95
Best Kit: $29.95 + $10.15= $40.10 (plus tax/s&h)

March WSOTG ...Will have available for preview at Play Group on WEDNESDAY (Feb 3rd) and WEDNESDAY (feb 17th)
Basic Kit: $29.95
Best Kit: $29.95+$9.95=$39.40 (plus tax/s&h)
April WSOTG....will have available for Preview at Play Group
(Dates TBA....they will be with in the first two weeks of the month)

Basic Kit: $29.95
Best Kit: $29.95+$11.90=$41.85 (plus tax/s&h)

May WSOTG....will have available for Preview at Play Group FRIDAY   April 2nd (oh..happy birthday mom!) and FRIDAY (April 9th)

Basic Kit: $29.95
Best Kit: $29.95+$12.95=$42.85 (plus tax/s&h)

Each WSOTG kit comes with a Level II paper packet, stamp set (pre-selected), accessory, instruction guide. That is the BASIC option for $29.95. The best option adds 2-3 more accessories...of which you can order if you want is optional.

If you click on the Title of Each WSOTG Month, it will show you a flyer of the Layout we will make as well as the Stamp Set for that month along with the Accessories. I will have 2 more 2page layout options available.
Each kit also has a card option...I love the cards but would rather use my cardstock on pages, so I order the White Daisy or Colonial White Cards & Envelops to make the cards with ($14.95), this is also totally optional.

If you are interested in knowing MORE about the WSOTG OR Play Group....please leave me a message with an email and I will contact you!

Happy Scrappin and Stampin'


Well, it has been here for a few days! But I am just posting about it NOW!!! The NEW Spring CTMH Catalog..which as a consultant I have had in my possession for a WHOLE month and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Fun WSOTG's, FUN paper, FUN New STAMP sets...including super beginner stamp sets for only $7.95!!! And MANY more FUN NEW items! Click HERE for an online view (I also have the same link on the left part of the screen...where a Picture of the NEW catty is posted) OR leave me a message in the comments section for your VERY own catalog! 

National Papercrafting Month featuring Felicity.....

 IT is sooo YUMMY!  ... here are four easy ways to get it for yourself:

Option 1: Buy it outright for $34.95 US.
Option 2: Buy $60 of stamps and get it FREE!
Option 3: Spend $125 on (almost) any Close To My Heart products and get it FREE!*
Option 4: Win it by posting a comment to the CTMH National Paper Crafting Month Blog Spot.  Just click here to take you to leave a comment on the blog! and be entered to win the entire Felicity Collection FREE!
Comments will be closed at 11:59 p.m. (MT). Come back tomorrow to see if you won and to enter again, because we’ll be giving away one Felicity Collection every day this month. It’s our way of saying “Happy Papercrafting Month” to you!

YOU get: You get a stamp set that includes a complete alphabet, flourishes, birds, argyle patterns, flowers and leaves, AND you also get twelve 12" x 12" background and texture papers  in three different color mixes, and six coordinating 12" x 12" shaped papers. Of which are SOOO gorgeous!!!! AND you will also receive a two-sided, full-color brochure giving you project ideas along with the recipes for each project. WHEW WHOO!!! I will work very hard the next few days to make up a few layouts/cards to post!