Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Business of last week....

She's 8!!! FINALLY :)

I took the blogging break due to my Daughter Jentrie's Birthday/Baptism Week.....which turned out fabulous! :) Here are a few pictures of WHAT I was up to the week of the 14th! I managed to make her dress and her cake. I usually always make my kids a birthday cake...but this was the VERY first time using rolled fondant....SO FUN! loved it!!!! and it was YUMMY! Thanks to my friend Hope for the fabulous recipe! and hints! It was also my FIRST time in making a dress that had a LINING in it! I usually do easy things like zipper, no buttons...this time, however....we had to do a lining and a ZIPPER! sheesh...but it worked and she looks BEAUTIFUL!!! (if I don't say so myself!!) In honor of FINALLY turning 8, Jen was able to FINALLY get her ears pierced...(that was the deal with dad) thanks Camille for sharing the moment with us!!!

It was a great week (busy) and a wonderful day! My little girl was soo excited and happy! The spirit in the room was fabulous! It was fun to share her excitement with our family and friends who were able to join us that day! :) Thanks everyone!

Could NOT get a serious picture out of this child! lol!...Baptism dinner at the Park :)

Sparkly ears!

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Susann said...

I have always admired people who can sew. The dress is equally as beautiful as your daughter.