Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Servin Up a DARLING Birthday Party IDEA!!!!

In my last post I talked about the Birthday GIFT this post it is the PARTY favor!!! SUCH a cute idea...and my daughter LOVED it! She went to a COOKING party! How cute is that! The cute mom made each one of the girls a darling apron made out of a hankie (i need to get a picture of it) and then the girls each made a cook book out of paper bags! HOW CUTE are THEY!

Each girl received paper and accessories to decorate their own cookbook along with 6 recipes to put in it.

THEN extra paper to put in side the openings! TOO CUTE! Jen had a blast and is CHOPPING at the BIT to make something :)

The one little funny...When it comes to MY pages I really, really REALLY don't like glue sticks...this is NOT a secret...if you have EVER scrapped with me, you will know I think they are evil! lol!....well, my friend (the mom of this clever party) had to tell me about Jentrie's comment about the glue sticks.... "My mom would really hate these glue sticks....they are crap!" (apparently they weren't sticking the glitter paper) LOL....My friend laughed and said "you are right they aren't very good..." sheesh! lol! I have since had a talk about keep certian opinions to ourselves! lol!.... ANYWAY...Love this idea! What a fun idea for mom's and daughters, grandma's and granddaughters...oh the possibilities! :)

Happy Scrappin' and Stampin' :)

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