Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Covered Journal....

 More covered Journals.....My oldest daughter turned 8 this last year and ALL of her friends are turning 8 as is very possible that by the time this school year ends many little 2nd grade girls in our area will have a home made Journal! lol...I went to a retreat about 5ish years ago in Salina and learned about these fun, fast gifts and I make them A TON!!! they are super in-expensive, but by the time you are finished they look like a million bucks...okay...maybe not that much...but better than a black memo book...right! I have personalized each book with a first initial...which is fun!  The paper used for these 2 books happens to be one of my fav's for the girlies BUT it is retired :(so sad!!  I would LOVE a few more packets of it!!! It is called Life Delights (and if you are a CTMH junkie like me and happen to have a level II packet you would like to have taken off your hands, please let me know!!! I just love it!) Moving on....

Now, about this retreat (Salina, My good friend and fellow scrap-junky Tammy has had the ONLY cool scrap store in our area since I have lived here and she sold it!!! :( ...  I went into her store before I had my oldest child who is  now 10 and have followed her thru a few other locations and have purchased a ticket to each one of her CK retreats...this coming Saturday will be her 9th (I think..8th or 9th, they tend to blend together! :) and her LAST retreat :( oh, what will we do come March 2011!!!)  I didn't have a ticket for this years retreat because I thought I would just wait and go next year instead...but upon finding out that she was closing the doors to Country Keepsakes, I had to get my hand on a ticket or crash the party!!! I found a ticket...whew! thanks Kolleen!!! 

I remember the very first retreat was hosted at the High School in Salina, I went by myself with NOTHING in hand but my purse. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed by these ladies and their rolling suitcases of scrap stuff!!! I was way out of the loop! lol...I am now one of those suitcase toting  scrap crazy women and LOVE IT!!! I went all by my lonesome too...since then, my SIL has been on her staff, I have met and kept COUNTLESS friends!!! And learned the sky is the limit when it comes to playing with paper! I have enjoyed each and every moment!!! Each year just got better and better! Tam has come full circle...ending this awesome run back at the High School. The last few years I have attended the retreat with a group of super awesome friends (pretty much the 3rd wheel with my sil family! haha...) I go with her (sil Kayla) and her cousins, aunt, mom...ect....  and I love it (and them!) and am so glad they let me tag along with them...PLUS they are in my play group!!!(most of them anyway)

I am soo excited to go Saturday but sad this is it. Tam is however, super excited to be moving on to new adventures, finish raising the 2 kids she still has at home while enjoying being a grandma and being with her family. So I wish her much luck in her future and hope she comes and plays with us often so we can get our fill of her awesome smile and amazing creativity!!! Love Ya Tam!!! (SO cannot wait until Saturday!!!!) Whoot Whoot! (i know weird...but I really am whooting!)

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