Sunday, November 1, 2009

A few fun Halloween projects....

Holy Halloween Batman!

I always have a good time with the kiddo's on Halloween. We trick or treat around our AWESOME little neighborhood and the last two years we have a little Halloween Party at our house with the neighborhood kids we trick or treat with. Last year I made the little scare crow costume - valerie wore it this year, and a zorro costume which sadly stayed in the box...Dallin chose to be the mighty hunter! Jentrie was an Angel...she wore her Baptism Dress (i know scary!)...this year I made Peyton's batman costume...I just can not make myself pay all that $ for costumes....I bought black sweat pants at walmart ($4.00) and he had a black turtleneck shirt (yay) and it was $5.00 for the material for the cape (double sided-double the fun!, the iron on pellon, and the fun foam for the$9.00 A costume that he will WEAR OUT!!! (he stayed home from church today with dad and put his costume back on after his bath...and went to bed with it still on...hum...I wonder if I will be able to wash it tomorrow! lol! I had fun making it!

I also played with MORE fondant! I had so much fun making this Pumpkin Candy Bucket Cake!!!! I saw the idea in a woman's day magazine. The cake is TWO bunt cakes bottoms together (with chocolate cream cheese frosting as a filling..yum) I also cut out the face with fondant. Then covered the pumpkin with orange colored sugar, a pipe cleaner for the handle, and CANDY...the outer candies have tooth picks in them so the inner candy would stay, same with the treats along the bottom...the kids loved it and I was so happy I made it...instead of cutting out the idea and putting in my "someday I am going to do this...." file! lo! Next year I want to do a Witch Calderon...only were the candy is do bugs, spiders, worms..eyeballs and in the very middle an empty veggie can (hidden) for some dry ice! cool huh! already can't wait! :) Lots of fun pictures to SCRAP!!! Happy Halloween!

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