Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Jacob..... :)

Okay...I was not the BIGGEST fan of Twilight...the book or the movie....and while away from the movie I believe Robert Pattinson(Edward) to be nice looking...BUT seriously blog lurkers out there....Taylor Lautner (Jacob) WOW...Not only did he do a great job at being Bella's best friend but he is way less weird!!! And gotta LOVE that smile...and I am not even embarrassed about it..even if I am totally way old and married to my own "jacob" (hehe) I LOVED NEW MOON!!! Can't wait for the next one...I fought soooo hard to stay away! Just to get sucked in by the second BOOK! LOL!

*Jacob...warm blooded and super duper cute!!!! A protector....

* blood :)....okay on the cuteness...and a Stalker!!!
*Both together....they Love Bella!

LOL....too funny! Had a super great time I will post pictures from the Midnight premier soon! :) Now gotta get back to scrappin! Love the Jingle paper! :)

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