Thursday, June 11, 2009

SOO Sweet!

My little girls love to play with paper (wonder why!! :) Anyway, I went through a TON of my older non-CTMH paper (I kinda makes me sound like a paper snob...but I REALLY like the CTMH paper!) and I gave a huge tote to my girls to create with. 7 year old was totally excited. She went off to her desk with a stack of paper and a glue stick and a while later out she came with this very sweet creation! I LOVED it....she asked me how to make grass you can feel and so I helped her with the grass...I started it she finished it. The 'ripped' clouds are totally her own deal. Her future hubby maybe in BIG trouble...she asked me a while back how old she had to be to sell CTMH! :) Good Job Jen....(I told her I was gonna post her work...she is way excited!) ....don't you just love the sparkly foam bling across the bottom! Too cute!

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