Thursday, January 22, 2009

Neglecting my blog...

I am so sorry for neglecting this blog!!! I am going to update with pictures very soon! I have been a busy girl working on pages and projects to post. I still need to take pictures of everything. In the mean while here are some reasons why you (as my blog lurkers and potential hostess) should NOT host a party (remember...this is just funny! If you would like to host please leave a comment!) lol! These idea's were apart of a conference call with a CTMH group of consultants...I was not in the call but I was given a copy of this....if you read between the lines is the reasons why you SHOULD have a party!!!

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Have a Home Gathering

1) I despise getting things discounted and free. I've always paid full price for everything, and don't see any reason to change now. $100 in free products? Who needs it?

2) My house is always immaculate, and inviting people over would force me to remove the plastic wrap from the furniture and let people eat food with crumbs. Not gonna happen, are you kidding me right now?

3) I'm so gifted in the crafting department, nobody needs to teach me nothin'. In fact, I should be standing up there teaching YOU my skills - bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills - name that movie! -Napoleon Dynamite-

4) I have a perfectly good idea book from 1991 - why would I need a new one with today's hottest techniques? I like my 80's haircut too - get over it.

5) I like spending $5.00 and 30 minutes at the store buying one card that I don't even like and I know will get thrown out in about 13 seconds. That's time and money well-spent - why must you interfere?

6) I don't like my friends, and don't want to invite them over - they bug me. In fact, I don't really like people in general, to be honest with you.

7) I don't enjoy learning how to be creative or finding a stress-relieving hobby to do with my family. Life is supposed to be stressful, so please don't take that away from me.

8) I want to spend every waking minute with my spouse and family, without any outside interests and activities. That way we can get sick of each other faster. Please leave me in my misery - AGAIN with the interfering!!

9) I have all the card and scrapbook page ideas I want and couldn't possible use even one more. I'm pretty-much caught up on all of my scrapbooks, and I always have handmade cards at my fingertips. I have absolutely no need for you.

10) I couldn't possibly take a night off from watching my favorite TV shows. Besides, I'd rather sit through all the fabulous commercials LIVE than fast forward them later.

Please circle which reason applies to you, and I won't ask you to book a fun night with me!

(Don't forget to leave a comment if you WOULD like to HOST a party :) Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!

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