Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's HERE!!!! and I am BACK!!!!

The New Fall/Winter Idea Catalog is HERE!!!!  YAY!!!!  AND I LOVE IT!!!! 

 My TOP 10 reasons why I LOVE the New Idea Catalog and WHY you MUST get your hands on one TODAY!!! (okay tomorrow works!!)
  1. The KITS!!! There is usually 1 or 2 kits that are not my favorite (gasp!!) so it is USUALLY easy for me to pick which packet to put together for each month...THIS month IS KILLIN' ME!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! I really really REALLY (i tell ya!) DO! 
  2. PRICES!!! they slashed the prices of stamp sets!!! DOUBLE AWESOME!!!! What use to be $22.95 is now $17.95!!! (and on down!!! YAY!!)
  3. B&T DUO's! CTMH upped the quality of the B&T DUO's to a cardstock quality!!! FANTASTIC!!!! AND added a super cute removable zip-strip that you can use as a boarder!!! NOTHING GOES TO WASTE!!!! And made the kits smaller which is GREAT because you use it ALL!!!!! (12 sheets instead of 24...but no stress...they also dropped the $$ to $9.95 for level 2 kit)
  4. CHIRP CHIRP!!! I hear a CRICUT!!! CTMH teamed up with Provo Craft and created a CTMH exclusive cartridge!!! FANTASTIC!!!! I am so excited to check out the NEW Cricut Art Philosophy Collection! Bad thing is I now need a CRICUT!!!
  5. PROJECTS!!! CTMH has added a TON of fantastic projects and I can't wait to incorporate them in my play groups!!! SOOO EXCITED!!! (yup SHOUTING!!!!)
  6. SOTM (stamp of the month) PROGRAM!!! I love it!!! Instead of spending $100 to get the SOTM for free you can just buy it out right for $17.95 (instead of $22.95) OR spend $50.00 and get it for $5.00!!!! FANTASTIC!!!! AND I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!
  7. ACCESSORIES!!! There are new ones...my favorite is one called "BLING" and it really does bling!!!
  8. ART WORK!! The catty has AMAZING ARTWORK that I can't wait to scrap lift and add my own little touches too!!
  9. STICK-EASE ...they changed them up a bit,  some are rub-on's, some are chipboard and some are stickers....i like it!!
  10. PAPER...have I mentioned the paper? I really love each one and how versatile each kit is!!! I can do both my boys and my girls with the same kit and have them look totally DIFFERENT!! Can't wait to get started!!!

 the Month of AUGUST
If you spend $50 then you have the option to get this "WICKED" Stamp of the Month for $5!!!! (72% off the retail price of $17.95!) 

How CUTE is this STAMP SET!!! I can't wait to play!

How CUTE are these CARDS!!! Made by Karen Pedersen
Click HERE for more information

(cute idea's in the catty)
when you buy the WICKED stamp set for $5!!!! then you get this CUTE TYPESET stamp set
 for FREE!!!!!!
but that's not ALL!!!
From August 15th to Sept 30th 
Celebration of National Stamping Month
when you order $75 in CTMH product 
then you get  "Pair-A-Phrase" stamp sets
for FREE!!!! WOWZER!!!! YES, I said stamp SETS!!!
there are TWO!!!
AND that also qualifies you for the SOTM WICKED! 
along with the TYPESET stamp set and that means
you get 4 EXTRA!!! stamp sets for  $5!!!! 
( tax/s&h will apply)


Now the part about me being BACK!!!!  
I am going to work VERY VERY hard at being at BLOGGING about the different months.
Layouts, Cards....Projects!!! I don't have my 1st NEW order YET!!! So a heads up for this MONTH (august!)  Typeset WSOTG will be the featured kit, which we will put together in September 

Click on the above link for more information on this Kit. 
*This kit requires the Cricut Art Philosophy Collection check it out HERE!
 It's perfect for Back 2 School pages!!!

I am hoping when I get home from vacation (the 13th) that MY order will GREET me at the 
door and I can start creating!!! If you are interested in any of the above please leave me a comment or send me an email at tiffajackson@gmail.com OR go to my website HERE and place your order now and START creating!!!

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Nicole Norris said...

WOW an update on your blog?! That is big news. ;) totally kidding. I too LOVE the new idea book! I hope your order is ready and waiting for you to start playing.