Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memory Box/ Notebook Paper.....LOVE THIS!!!

My Creations Memory Keeper and Album


Back (initals)

Sides (embossed)

I wondered forever about this BOX!! I wasn't sure I could tackle this. It is the My Creations Memory Keeper Box...covered with the Notebook Paper kit. I love this paper. Sometimes you never know how much you are going to like something until you actually use it...this was one of those moments. I had ordered the Memory Keeper Box kit off of Brandies Website after watching the CTMH TV mini movie about them. So...I ordered it. This is what I came up with. I used the Soul Mates Stamp set (came with kit), Playful Flourishes Stamp set, Chocolate Alphabet Small Stamp set, Hollyhock Card stock, Hollyhock and Black ink, Big Blooms flowers, gold and black embossing...(my newest fave!) I also started putting together a 6x6 My Creations Memory Showcase album. I am going to make a box for each one of my kids and put mementos from their childhood in them...example.. Jentrie (pictured) is now 7 (on tuesday). Less than 12 hours after her birth she was life flighted by ambulance to UVRMC in Provo where she lived for 10 days in NBICU. The first 7 days she was on a breathing monitor, where a machine breathed for her until her lungs were strong enough to breath on their own. I have saved many items from that, notes I had written, bows the nurses put in her hair...many memories...those will go in her box along with items I have saved up to now and I will continue to put things in this box until she becomes a mom, then I will give her, her is a work in progress. I am so tickled to do one for each child! Have so much stuff...I have a habit of saving everything! I am so bad that I almost (almost) saved the circumcision ring for my boys...Rhett made me throw them away! Lol! These are fun to make, and OH the memory's that pop in to mind while making them! Happy Stampin' and Scrappin'!

Pictures of Jentrie in NB~ICU

1st time seeing her (3 days old). I am just now getting to where I can do these pictures, my 5 year Valerie has picture very similar, she was only there 7 days..... :) (20 months apart)

Jentrie getting some real food...
Mommy has arrived!


The Rudy Family said...

That turned out really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

Jackie Schugk said...

wow.. I love that box. I have all of Jackson's stuff in many page protectors.. I am going to have to do that.. love your blog